Small Girls PR Client Work

Copywriting and Campaign Strategy

Ahead of a new body care product launch, Olay tasked each of it's agencies with writing an a manifesto and set of taglines to redirect product to bold, career-driven, millennial women. I love to write, so I created the following for our team to present. 

Social Media Copywriting

Acted as a Ghost Writer for celebrities like Laverne Cox, Danielle Brooks, and Sarah Hyland. Additionally assisted in creating the flow of multi-post campaigns to tell a unified and compelling story.

Influencer Campaigns

Handled campaigns for clients like Saucony, Zenni Optical, Betsey Johnson, and GANT Clothing from initial outreach through contract negotiation to final content approvals and reporting.

Influencer Event Production

Handled list building, invitations and influencer relations on site for clients like Rosé Mansion, Zenni Optical and Museum of Pizza.

Museum of Pizza

Led all comms with influencers, managed an invite list, and was the point person for three separate VIP parties which garnered over 10 million social impressions. Additionally, I created a shot list and created branded Instagram stories for Anheiser-Busch during one of the events.

Nightmare Machine

When Williamsburg pop-up Dream Machine, rebranded as Nightmare Machine, I selected influencers to attend a Halloween-themed VIP party earning 1.4 million impressions in one evening from 36 influencers.

Social Media Strategy

Created an Instagram Account for the City of Tulsa and created a strategy to get 400+ uses of a hashtag in a month.

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