Los Angeles Ice Cream Guide

1. Salt and Straw 

Several locations are around the Los Angeles Area, the line to get a cone was almost out the door on a Monday afternoon. I've had a lavender honey and vegan roasted strawberry. They rotate  their inventive flavors monthly and let you try as many as you want before choosing. 


2. SomiSomi 

This is a totally Insta-worthy dessert in Koreatown. Their flavors alternate weekly so when I went, I chose the Ube and Cream twist, but Matcha and Sesame are on their other rotation. After you choose your flavor you can just between half a Macaron or a Strawberry to accent your cone and then unlimited toppings like sprinkles or oreo crumbs. Bonus- there is a super big Asian market called H-mart located in the same building that is definitely worth a peek. 


3. Miss Magpie's Soft Serve

The green tea softserve swirled with Ube is ah-mazing and the cone was really big for $3.75. Bonus- it's located next to my favorite thrift store Crossroads Vintage.


4. CoolHaus

So many flavors, so little time. I had the Avocado ice cream in a cup whenever I went after hitting the Culver City Stairs. When I ordered I was a little overwhelmed with all of the inventive flavors so I panicked and chose the avocado (you can't go wrong though!), and didn't even notice the macron ice cream sandwich option!

5. Little Damage

Located in DTLA, the super popular shop has just a few flavors- but you can't go wrong. I had Unicorn Tears and Black Cinn in an activated charcoal cone which is just as cool as it sounds. 

Honorable Mentions: 

1. Go Greek Frozen Yogurt: Few flavors, but super creamy. Bonus- they have toppings like hemp and cacao nibs so you feel like you are being pretty healthy.


2. Yogurtland: I don't know what it is about this place (maybe it's the close proximity to my gym) but their flavors never taste artificial which I have to often experienced at a frozen yogurt shop. They also always have sample cups that you don't have to ask for which is a huge win in my eyes. 


3. Frog Frozen Yogurt: Super cute inside and a big selection of nondairy and vegan options! 


Do you have a favorite LA Ice Cream spot? Let me know! 




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