Hi I'm Sophia!

I’m a writer and artist originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and currently based in Los Angeles, CA. 


Inspired by the connective power of emotion, I hope to reflect familiar feelings to you through my writing and ultimately let you know you’re not alone as you write the pages of your life’s story. I began sharing my writing in 2019 on Instagram, and am given the reminder daily whether you are 17, 73 or 25 like me - emotions are something that are ever present as we move through this big game we call life.


In addition to writing, I have 5+ years in social media and influencer strategy working both agency and brandside for startups and Fortune 500 companies. To counteract my high screen time, I am a certified yoga teacher and offer corporate classes and private sessions. 


When I’m not doing the above, I’m probably hiking, overwatering my houseplants, or googling  life’s big questions like “Can I use a bicycle pump to air up my car tires?”